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Chair Statement - Senator Menendez

Dear Fellow Democrat,

As the Mercer County Democratic Committee Chairperson, I strongly support the comments and position of our statewide Democratic leaders and officials, as Governor Murphy and NJ Democratic Chair Jones, and believe that the best course of action is for Senator Menendez to immediately resign his U.S. Senate seat and enable our Party and our government to move forward. Senator Menendez is entitled to due process and presumption of innocence; however, these are serious sobering charges which would represent a fundamental breach of the public trust and require his full attention to defend, and therefore severely compromise his ability to effectively serve the people of the State of New Jersey. At the same time, I strongly urge everyone to remember the importance of staying engaged and focused on the critical legislative, county and municipal elections before us on November 7. We need to ensure that Democratic candidates earn solid victories, in order to push forward on good government policies and caring community service.

Sincerely, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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