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Rising Stars Fundraiser - Campaign Activities - Register to Vote - Vote By Mail

"A Message From Our Chair"

September 7, 2022

Dear Fellow Democrat,

It is now only 62 days to Election Day and post-Labor Day, that means campaigns gear way way up! Thank you to all the Mercer Democrats who have been volunteering. We need all hands on deck now thru November 8 for Democratic victories!

REGISTER TO VOTE "Register Today!"

Make sure your neighbors, friends and family are registered. Last day to register to vote in the November 8 General Election is October 19.

VOTE BY MAIL "Apply Today!"

Voting by mail is a great way to increase voter turnout. With your help we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote right from their own home. Vote by Mail Ballots (VBM) automatically are sent ONLY to registered voters who previously have applied and requested a Vote by Mail Ballot for all future elections. Vote by Mail Applications are on-line,Vote By Mail Application, or contact your Municipal Clerk.


The Mercer County Board of Elections has posted Board Worker Applications. Anyone wishing to be a poll worker needs to be a registered voter, fill out an online application, and attend a mandatory training Full Day & Half Day Positions are available.

Send your application to the

BOARD WORKER APPLICATONS: 2022 New Board Worker Application


REMEMBER to support our MCDC Rising Stars Fundraiser on Wednesday, September 28. See Details Below for Tickets and Sponsorship opportunities, Support our 2022 candidates and elections on our road to Blue Victories in November!

Join Team Andy Campaign! Virtual Phone Banking Thursdays at 6 PM next on Thursday, September 8, at 6 PM CLICK HERE to Sign-Up Zoom Link to Join: Door Knocking in Mercer County! CLICK HERE to Sign Up Saturday, September 10 at 12 PM & 3 PM (Hamilton) Sunday, September 11 at 12 PM (Hamilton)

Join the MCDC Fetterman for PA Campaign Team! To VOLUNTEER, complete MCDC form CLICK HERE

Let’s Get Engaged. Let's Get Out the Vote. Let's Get Geared Up for November!

In Unity for Victory, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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