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Rising Stars Celebration was a Great Success!, MCDC Calendar

"A Message From Our Chair"

June 20, 2023

Dear Fellow Democrat,

The MCDC 2023 Rising Fundraiser celebration was a huge success — tremendous turnout, perfect venue at Americana East Windsor and an exciting opportunity to come together and hear from and about our four deserving honorees! Our Rising Stars expressed their appreciation for being honored and encouraged others to get involved with our Democratic campaigns and activities. CONGRATULATIONS to our 2023 Rising Stars Eashwayne Haughton, Sarah Kevett-Ingra, Patricia Hendricks Farmer and Dan Weiss. THANK YOU so much to everyone who attended and supported our event making it a fun rousing evening. THANK YOU to all of our generous Sponsors for their valuable contributions to MCDC's goals and election victories. THANK YOU to our entire fundraising event committee, and a HUGE SPECIAL Shout Out to Chairperson Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney who steps up to do anything needed to ensure success!

Our 2023 Rising Star Honorees

Dan Weiss, Patricia Hendricks Farmer, Sarah Kevett-Ingra and Eashwayne Haughton

Rising Star "Eashwayne Haughton"

Larry Traylor, Brady Rivera, Joe Forte, Jay Vainganker, MCDC Chairperson Mayor Janice Mironov, Eashwayne Haughton, Mercer County Young Democrats Chairwoman Athina Fassu, Sara Kevett-Ingra, Addison Heinrichs, Kristen Foca, and Jordan Lewis

Rising Star "Sarah Kevett-Ingra"

Rising Star "Patricia Hendricks Farmer"

Lawrence Democratic Club President Olympia L'liou Perry, Patricia Hendricks Farmer, MCDC Chairperson Mayor Janice Mironov, and Mayor John Ryan

Rising Star "Dan Weiss"

Dale Lessne, Willa Inlender, Dan Weiss, MCDC Chairperson Mayor Janice Mironov, West Windsor Democratic Committee Chairwoman Charmi Patel-Pena, Tirza Wahrman

"Rising Star Honorees & MCDC Executive Board Members"

MCDC Vice Chairperson Commissioner Sam Frisby, MCDC First Vice Chairperson Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, Dan Weiss, Patricia Hendricks Farmer, Sarah Kevett-Ingra, Eashwayne Haughton and MCDC Chairperson Mayor Janice Mironov

MERCER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE CALENDAR Access by clicking on Calendar image below or CLICK HERE . Is updated as information received. MCDC CALENDAR

In Unity for Victory, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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