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Mercer County Democratic Convention Results

"A Message From Our Chair"

March 7, 2023

Dear Fellow Democrats, Thank you to everyone who participated in our March 5 Mercer County Democratic Convention! WOW! Over 600 Democrats attended, including Observers and 499 Voting Delegates. This was the largest attended Mercer County Democratic Convention we can remember, and Mercer Democrats had the opportunity to make their voices heard! Thank You to the MCDC Convention Committee and Committee Chairman Kevin Kuchinski! Shout out to Jennifer Keyes-Maloney who helped out with everything, as always! Thank you to the many volunteers who pitched in to help our Convention to run smoothly. Mercer County Democrats endorsed Assemblyman DAN BENSON for Mercer County Executive, in a landslide vote of 384 votes (77%) for Assemblyman Dan Benson to 109 votes (21.8%) for County Executive Brian Hughes. Mercer County Democrats voted for the two positions in Legislative District 14 Assembly as follows: Richard J Carabelli - 120 votes; Tennille McCoy - 111 votes; Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo - 106 votes. While there are only two positions, all received over 50% of ballots cast and per MCDC Rules can be listed in the Democratic column.

Congratulations! to Mercer County Democratic endorsed candidates: LD14 Senate Linda Greenstein LD14 Assembly ∙ Wayne DeAngelo ∙ Richard J. Carabelli, Jr. ∙ Tennille McCoy

LD15 Senate: Shirley Turner

LD15 Assembly: Verlina Reynolds-Jackson & Anthony Verrelli LD16 Senate: Andrew Zwicker LD16 Assembly: Roy Freiman & Mitchelle Drulis County Executive: Daniel Benson County Sheriff: Jack Kemler County Commissioner: John Cimino & Lucylle R.S. Walter

"Women’s History Month"

March is Women’s History Month, celebrated to correspond with International Woman’s Day on March 8. Women's History Month is observed to recognize the invaluable role of and contributions made by women in all fields of society, throughout history. Be part of this great Celebration!

Center for American Women and Politics "Ready to Run"

The Center for American Women and Politics is resuming in-person “Ready to Run” New Jersey, a nonpartisan campaign training program, on March 17-18. Scholarships are available for those needing support with the fee. The two-day program is held at the Douglass Student Center, Rutgers University, 100 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ. The registration fee is $175, includes meals and all conference materials.

In Unity for Victory, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson


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