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MCDC Reorganization

Updated: Jun 19

MCDC Exec Board oath of office administered by Assemblyman Herb Conaway (3rd Congressional district candidate) (pictured left to right) Terry West (2nd Vice Chair), Jennifer Keyes-Maloney (1st Vice Chair), Sam Frisby (Vice Chair), Howard Greenberg (Recording Secretary), Chairwoman Janice Mironov, Dan Smith (4th Vice Chair), Jon Durbin (Corresponding Secretary), Elvin Montero

(Sergeant at Arms), Yingchao "YZ" Zhang (Sergeant at Arms), Peter Nichols (Treasurer). Not pictured: Jason Salvatore (Executive Director) & Jennifer Coffey (3rd Vice Chair)

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Mercer County Democratic Committee reorganizes, elects officers for 2024-2026..  Congratulations to Mayor Janice Mironov, re-elected by acclamation as MCDC Chair!  And congratulations and thank you to re-elected MCDC officers – Vice Chair Sam Frisby, 1st Vice Chair Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, 2nd Vice Chair Terry West, 3rd Vice Chair Jennifer Coffey, 4th Vice Chair Dan Smith, Recording Secty Howard Greenberg, Corresponding Secty Jon Durbin, Treasurer Peter Nichols, and Sgt at Arms Zhang “YZ” Yingchao and Elvin Montero.  Assemblyman, Congressman CD4 to be, Herb Conaway swear in the officers.  Looking forward to a great year!

Continuing to expand the tent, MCDC Chair Janice Mironov appointed folks to an extended Executive Board table – Athina Fassu, president of Mercer young democrats;  David Ponton, City of Trenton blue wave;  Johnnie Whittington, building trades;  Rosa Rosado, vice president of Mercer Latino Democratic Caucus, and Courtney Peters-Manning, president of MCFDW

MCDC Reorg - a packed house

MCDC Reorg - a packed house from every direction! Txs to Nottingham Fire Company for hosting!!!



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