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MCDC Reorganization, Spotlight on Mercer Latino Dems Caucus, MCDC 2024 "Rising Stars"

"A Message From Our Chair"

June 20, 2024


Dear Mercer County Democrats,Thank you for your kind support in re-electing me as your Mercer County Democratic Committee Chair.  I am deeply honored and grateful for the trust you have shown in my leadership and the new direction of the Mercer County Democratic Party.  We should all take great pride in our collective achievements and the vision we share for advancing Mercer County.I am eager to continue hearing from all of you. Your thoughts and ideas are invaluable as we work together to further strengthen and diversify our county party, and win important elections.And thank you also and congratulations to the other MCDC elected officers (identified below).  We have an amazing Team!

Our newly re-elected MCDC Executive Board officers are: Chairperson Janice Mironov; Vice Chairperson Samuel Frisby Sr.;  1st Vice President Jennifer Keyes-Maloney;  2nd Vice President Terry West; 3rd Vice President Jennifer Coffey;  4th Vice President Dan Smith;  Treasurer Peter Nichols;  Corresponding Secretary Jon Durbin; Recording Secretary Howard Greenberg; and for the two Sergeant at Arms Elvin Montero, Yingchao "YZ" Zhang.


Our MCDC Executive Board was sworn in by our future Congressman, Assemblyman Herb Conaway, Jr.


The MCDC Executive Board will continue to include the Chairperson's appointments as Extended Board Members: David Ponton (Trenton Blue Wave Committee), Athina Fassu (Mercer Young Democrats President), Johnnie Whittington (Building Trades), and newly appointed Rosa Rosado (Mercer County Latino Democratic Caucus VP), and Courtney Peters-Manning (Mercer County Federation of Democratic Woman President).

MCDC Biennial Reorganization Meeting

Congratulations to the newly elected

Mercer County Latino Democratic Caucus Executive Board

Watch and Listen to Our

2024 MCDC Rising Stars

Click Here

Rising Star "Karen Bellamy Lewis"

Councilman David Schroth, Municipal Chairman Carl Benedetti, Sr., Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, Club President Carl Benedetti, Jr., Karen Bellamy Lewis, MCDC Chairwoman Mayor Janice Mironov 

Rising Star "Rachel Grainger"

Mayor Mark Freda, Council President Mia Sacks, Rachel Grainger, Municipal Chairwoman Felicia Spitz, MCDC Chairwoman Mayor Janice Mironov 

Rising Star "Brianna Hill"

Councilman Anthony Carabelli, Jr., Councilman Rick Tighe,

Municipal Chairman Bob Dorio, Brianna Hill,

MCDC Chairwoman Mayor Janice Mironov, and Dan Smith


Rising Star "Larry Traylor"

Brianna Hill, Jordan Lewis, Jay Vainganker,

Mercer County Young Democrat's President Athina Fassu,

Mercer County Commissioner Samuel Frisby, Sr.Larry Traylor, MCDC Chairwoman Mayor Janice Mironov



Access by clicking on Calendar image below or CLICK HERE.

Is updated as information is received.


In Unity for Victory,

Mayor Janice Mironov

Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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