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Counting Down to Our Mercer County Democratic Committee GOTV FUNDRAISER ON NOVEMBER 1!

"A Message From Our Chair"

October 14, 2023

Dear Fellow Democrat,

ONLY 19 Days Until OurMercer County Democratic Committee GOTV Fundraiser! Thisis our Primary Election Fundraiser! Come and hear from our State Leadership/Special Guests"GovernorPHIL MURPHY, Senate PresidentNICK SCUTARI, Assembly SpeakerCRAIG COUGHLIN, and our NJ State Democratic Chairman LEROY JONES on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 5:30 PM to 7:30 Mercer Oaks Golf Course in West Windsor.

Voting is happening right now! It is Your generous Support and Friendship that allows Mercer County Democrats to have the resources needed to run successful campaigns.

Mercer County needs your support now more than ever in this November’s important elections to Get Out The Vote!Let’s TOGETHER make this a rousing night as we work toward Democratic Candidate Victories on November 7!

We are very grateful for all the support and effort YOU have generously provided to our party!! Thank you!

Sincerely, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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