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Campaigning Support! Get a County Campaign Sign, Vote By Mail, MCDC GOTV Nov. 1 Fundraiser!

"A Message From Our Chair"

September 8, 2023

Dear Fellow Democrat, We are only 61 days away from the November 7 General Election! Let's all now get focused and engaged for the remaining two weeks, to ensure November Victories! Check with your local leadership and campaigns or reach out to me if you are willing to assist with canvassing, with postcard writing and with Vote by Mail chase. Every vote counts and your efforts will make the difference!

The New Jersey State Democratic Committee Official 2024 DNC Delegate Selection Plan was just finalized. New Jersey has been awarded 126 pledged delegates. CLICK HERE to view the plan, CLICK HERE for a condensed version, or CLICK HERE for PowerPoint presentation.

Mercer County Democratic Campaign Signs are Available! Email your request to: Be sure to include your Name, Address, and Phone Number.


VOTER REGISTRATION This is a great opportunity to get new voters, so check with family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they are registered, Online Voter Registration Link; Printable Versions: English or Spanish. Completed applications can be dropped off at the Mercer County Superintendent of Election's Office located at 640 South Broad Street, Trenton, NJ 08611, or mailed to the address on the application. The deadline for voter registration for the 2023 General Election is October 17. VOTE BY MAIL "Apply Today!" Voting by mail is a great way to increase voter turnout. With your help we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote right from their own home. Vote by Mail Ballots (VBM) automatically are sent ONLY to registered voters. Vote by Mail Applications: English or Spanish. or contact your Municipal Clerk. POLL WORKERS NEEDED "Apply Today!"

The Mercer County Board of Elections has posted Board Worker Applications. Take advantage of these paid Poll Worker opportunities in the upcoming general election — $300 for one day working at the polls and $150 for half day! CLICK HERE to get your application today! Send your application to:

MERCER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE CALENDAR Access by clicking on Calendar image below or CLICK HERE . Is updated as information received. MCDC CALENDAR

We Need YOUR Help!

In Unity for Victory, Mayor Janice Mironov Mercer County Democratic Chairperson



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